Height of Targets, rule on bipods, safety gear -2010 LRRP

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Height of Targets, rule on bipods, safety gear -2010 LRRP Empty Height of Targets, rule on bipods, safety gear -2010 LRRP

Post  Sailor - Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:04 pm

Hi guys - for comments please,
1. Height of targets - one shooter mentioned that the targets which are placed on the same height as the IPSC targets should be nearer the ground as we go prone. With the current position we strain our necks and have a tendency to shoot upwards which can mean a miss of the backstop - suggest and will try to lower targets both for safety and health reasons.

2. Rule on Bipods - US rule is that what is on the rifle _like a bipod stays on throughout the whole match - question I have personally is what about sandbags when we go prone supported - if you follow the logic what you use stays on - so sandbags should be carried throughout the whole match - doesn't make sense - if no one objects will rehash that rule to reflect that bipods can be taken off and put on when needed - but there will be a time frame(2 minutes) and a safety procedure (if violated - you are DQ'ed - as putting them on specially the Harris type can be a pain in the rear.

3.Safety gear - a lot of the shooters are not wearing safety glasses or ear plugs - we will becoming strict on this. A faulty bullet - like a rupture casing or worse a bullet going off in the magazine can cause real damage to soft tissue - let us prevent any injuries by wearing the safety gear - ear plugs you never can tell when someone uses high vel or a handgun or worse HP rifle goes off in the next bay. Preserve your hearing for those sweet nothings specially when you get older.

that's it for now - comments if any please. cheers

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