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The 1st Edition Long Range Rimfire Precision Rifle Competition Rulebook is currently being reviewed and
finalized by the Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) and the
National Range Officers’ Institute (NROI).
Pending its official release, the following general guidelines for the conduct of LRRP Rifle matches are being disseminated for the information of those intending to experience the new riflesport discipline.

Long Range Rimfire Precision Rifle Competitions (LRRP Rifle Competitions) are open to all single action, manual action (bolt action, lever action or pump) or emi-automatic rifles chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge. Rifles chambered for the .22 rimfire magnum or .17 rimfires will not be allowed - but with enough interest, the PPSA Board may consider the use of rifles chambered for these cartridges in subsequent matches.

Competitions will consist of shootings strings or courses of fire requiring no more than five rounds to complete with a par time of one minute. A combination of paper, frangible and reactive targets at distances of anywhere from 25 to 200 meters and farther will be used as target sets, with the shooter landing the most number of hits
on target being declared as the match winner.
To be competitive, rifles must be able to shoot a one-inch group or less at fifty meters - roughly the equivalent of a 2 MOA accuracy. Because of the distances involved, the use of a riflescope will be a necessity.

At present and until further notice, all shooters will be competing in a single Open Division.
However, the LRRP Rifle Rulebook as proposed eventually calls for classifying rifles into different divisions, e.g., Light Rifles weighing less than 8.5 pounds, Medium Rifles weighing more than 8.5 pound but less than 11.5
pounds and Heavy Rifles weighing more than 11.5 pounds. The top three shooters in each rifle division
will be declared as match winners.

All shooters competing in a LRRP rifle match will be awarded Certificates of Recognition which will provide their corresponding shooter classification for that particular match. The LRRP rifleman classification and the corresponding match scores needed to achieve the same as a percentage of total possible score are as follows:

Master Rifleman - 91.0% - 100.0%

Expert Rifleman - 81.0% - 90.0%

Sharpshooter - 51.0% - 80.0%

Marksman - 36.0% - 50.0%

Basic Rifleman - 5.0% - 35.0%

Unless otherwise indicated in the course of fire, targets may be engaged by the
competitor in a freestyle manner.
Shooting mats or ground cloths that do not provide undue advantage are
allowed as some of the targets will be engaged from a prone shooting position. Simple shooting slings, bipods, backpacks, rucksacks or sandbags may be used as an aid in shooting, along with elbow pads and knee pads unless prohibited in the course of fire. However, specially shooting jackets and shooting gloves that provide artificial support to the rifle while shooting
will not be allowed, and so with palm rests, butt rests and butt hooks. Adjustable butts must be centered and
adjustable cheek pieces fixed and taped in place.

LRRP rifle competitions will use the same rimfire tactical precision targets that may be
found and downloaded from and

Additional information and
updates regarding the sport of long range rimfire precision rifle competition
will be posted at or

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